Build Stronger Relationships With Your Customers

The relationship with your customers starts at the very beginning of the digital commerce relationship: with the purchase of a device. So why shouldn’t you continue to build that relationship beyond the store’s front door? Ascendon provides the total package for retailers to span the gap between physical and digital and extend the customer relationship. Create powerful new relationships from the very first time your customer turns on their new device. Build new revenue streams and loyalty that adds greater value to the in-store experience.


Digital Services Transformation Icon Digital Services Transformation

Technology is reshaping itself at lightening speed, and nowhere do you see that more than how digital service providers are adapting to the changing times and customer demand of digital content consumption. Providers must remain flexible, innovative and be at the forefront by constantly testing new methods to deliver content, monetize, interact with customers and build and maintain loyalty.


UltraViolet Strategy IconUltraViolet™ Strategy

The current content delivery industry is saturated with formats, delivery systems and limitless variety of devices available for consumers to use in order to watch their own content. Be a step above your competition with UltraViolet™ compatibility that ensures you are able to make sense of all these variables and will make certain your customers can view their content no matter licensing, format or platform.

IP Video Distribution IconIP Video Distribution

Online content models are no longer the exception and are quickly becoming the preferred way to purchase, store and access content over traditional broadcasting services. Having a complete online infrastructure will not only allow providers to deliver customers the best content available, but also give access to online communities, provide top-notch customer service and find news ways to monetize content that were previously not possible.


Device Storefront - Apps IconDevice Storefronts & Experiences

Provide your customers with optimum device-specific experiences, including powerful storefronts and apps that play to the strengths of each and every format, display type and operating system.

Digital Locker IconDigital Locker

Empower your customers with the latest advances in UltraViolet™-compliant cloud technology to instantly and securely access content purchases, rentals and new entertainment options from any Internet-connected device.

E-Wallet IconE-Wallet

Make it simple, easy and fast for your all valued customers to make purchases with technology that allows them to securely store any method of payment  they wish  to use and that ultimately encourages and facilitates a higher amount of recurring transactions.


  • Build new customer relationships that extend your touch point beyond the store’s front door to wherever the customer use their device
  • Create new customer experiences online, on mobile devices, on connected TVs, through social media networks and with content offerings when the device is sold
  • Package digital content with physical media purchases across movies, games, books, music and more to build lasting relationships
  • Get to know your shoppers and buyers like never before with detailed analytics about their preferences, purchases and browsing behavior
The brick-and-mortar retail store is a critical part of the digital commerce chain, but retailers are missing out on an opportunity to build deeper relationships after the initial sale. Building loyalty through cross-promotions and unique service offerings can not only take the customer relationship in new directions, but has the potential to deepen revenues and loyalty in unprecedented ways.