Ascendon Solution

The world has gone digital. Don’t get left behind.

Ascendon + AWS

The AWS cloud-based solution also gives Ascendon the ability to deploy new services quickly and efficiently.

Broadcaster Solutions - Data sheet Cover

Broadcaster Solutions

Want to build brand loyalty? Carve a direct path to your customer.

Connected Solutions - Data sheet Cover

Connected Solutions

Your customers are on the move. Go with them!

Content Aggregator Solutions - Data sheet Cover

Content Aggregator Solutions

Need a secret weapon to fight off your competition? You got it!

Digital BSS Solutions - Data sheet Cover

Digital BSS Solutions

Digital BSS—Simplified!

Digital Services Solutions - Data sheet Cover

Digital Services Solutions

Launch new digital services today. Realize revenue (and a loyal fan base) tomorrow.

Enterprise Solutions - Data sheet Cover

Enterprise Solutions

Everything enterprise customers need. In one solution.

Internet TV Solutions - Data sheet Cover

Internet TV Solutions

Want a larger slice of the Internet TV pie? Go get it.

IoT Solutions - Data sheet Cover

IoT Solutions

There’s money to be made in IoT. Go get it!

Live Solution Cover

Live Solution

Your customers want live...everywhere. Can you deliver?

Multiple Dwelling Unit Solution

Multiple Dwelling Unit Solution

Customers live in a variety of environments. Do your services?

MVNO Solutions - Data sheet Cover

MVNO Solutions

Your customers want a seamless experience. Give it to them!

Network Operator Solutions - Data sheet Cover

Network Operator Solutions

Own your customers. Before someone else does.

Retail Solutions - Data sheet Cover

Retail Solutions

Your consumers want to go beyond the walls of your storefront. So let them.

Studios & Content Solutions - Data sheet Cover

Studios & Content Solutions

Want to create your own relationship with the customer? Then go directly to them.

Bridging the BSS Gap - White paper Cover

Bridging the BSS Gap

A Modern Strategy For Supporting Digital Services…Right Now!

Don’t get voted off the Internet TV island. Become its leader.

A Digital Services Platform: The Key to Taking Command

IoT is HERE!

A strategy for success in the world of connected everything.

MVNO - White paper Cover


The path to accelerating a profitable MVNO growth strategy.

African Wireless Managed Services - Document Cover

African Wireless Managed Services

As Telcos Connect Africa, Does their Business Model Still Connect with their Operational Capabilities?

Beefing up your Backend for the Digital Economy - Document Cover

Beefing up your Backend for the Digital Economy

Operators must transform themselves end-to-end and top-to-bottom to play in the coming digital economy, and it’s going to come down to the ability of the BSS to keep up with their digital strategy.

Make it Easy - Document Cover

Make it Easy

Effective enterprise CEM starts with the basics.

What’s Next in the Evolution of Digital Services? - Document Cover

What’s Next in the Evolution of Digital Services?

The next evolution of the digital transformation will start to materialize.  It includes a multi-layered, B2B2X world built on an open, interoperable, and virtualized digital services platform, where ecosystems of partners will become a primary model to deliver digital services.

Going with the Flow: How to captivate Video Streamers - Document Cover

Going with the Flow: How to captivate Video Streamers

The options and behaviors of adult broadband users.

Survey: Transforming for Digital - Document Cover

Survey: Transforming for Digital

The Transforming for Digital survey, conducted by Pipeline Market Research for CSG International, polled approximately 100 Communications Service Providers (CSPs) worldwide to discover the state of digital transformation in the industry...