Expand and enhance your company’s capabilities to monetize your top-quality content and continuously attract new customers who demand and only select companies who can provide the most flexible, secure, convenient, and advanced payment methods.

Our eWallet technology gives both incumbent and new service providers the flexibility to easily accept endless payment options from virtually any device. Whether customers prefer to use prepaid, credit or debit cards, loyalty programs, gift cards or one of the many (and growing) third-party digital wallet offerings available today, you can greatly increase your customer’s buying power while simultaneously maximizing your own revenue.


Multi Device Enablement IconMulti Device Enablement

It is almost impossible to find any customer who does not own more than one Internet-connected device, which makes multi-device management vital for anyone creating and delivering content to survive and remain in business. Ascendon gives you the power to target, promote and deliver a variety of content from the cloud to a multitude of devices your customer choose anywhere the Internet goes.


IP Video Distribution IconIP Video Distribution

Online content models are no longer the exception and are quickly becoming the preferred way to purchase, store and access content over traditional broadcasting services. Having a complete online infrastructure will not only allow providers to deliver customers the best content available, but also give access to online communities, provide top-notch customer service and find news ways to monetize content that were previously not possible.

New Customer Models IconNew Customer Models

Satisfying customer needs are not as simple as they once were. Consumers have many options, and they want the ultimate and most powerful experience of finding, buying and accessing all forms of digital content at their fingertips on all of their devices. If providers can accomplish this and keep up with future consumer needs, they will have lasting customers who will turn into eternal brand advocates.


Cable Networks IconCable Networks

Embrace the new ways in which the world now consumes content by scaling and monetizing these advanced online and mobile capabilities to entertain, engage and excite your viewers who have long-standing relationships with your network and its programming.

Cable IconCable

Reinforce and substantially grow your subscriber relationships and their experiences by offering personalized next-generation online, mobile and on-demand services as well as content delivery.

Wireline IconWireline

Transform your telco into an unstoppable global entertainment brand with secure cloud-based personalized content management and delivery, seamless payment systems, social media integration, 24-7 customer care, analytics and segmented audience targeting. 


  • Support e-wallet with many payment methods from credit and debit cards, gift cards, PayPal, loyalty points, stored value accounts and direct-to-bill charges
  • Handle complex accounting requirements including taxes, credits, discounts, coupons and partner settlements
  • Incorporate extensible eWallets attached to your consumers accounts and associate payment decisions across multiple channels to enable exceptional user experiences

In today’s world, it’s all about frictionless transactions. Even in this expanding content universe, providers ultimately will not control all of the ways consumers pay for content; but for providers that can offer the most convenient viewing and payment options, the benefits await.


Ascendon’s e-Wallet provides your customers the capabilities necessary to store their preferred payment methods in one secure location and to pay for their favorite content easily and seamlessly.