The Ascendon Platform provides a trusted path to compete in the digital economy. Offer new, digital services right now, while moving purposefully toward a business model that dramatically reduces operational expenses, fully digitizes front and back offices, and unites a portfolio of services into a single customer relationship.




  • Highly personalized engagements put customers in control, over any channel of their choice, incorporating customer history, habits and preferences
  • Individualized customer-centric relationships
  • Simple, easy customer experiences equal to the likes of Google, Apple, Amazon, and Uber


  • Launch and monetize new digital services in 60-90 days – proven in 25 production deployments
  • Radically reduce operating costs
  • Simplify complexities associated with legacy systems
  • Digitizes front- and back-office, enabling real time interaction with customers across all channels and services – existing and new
  • Support new digital services like Internet TV (On Demand and Live), Digital Services (Digital Marketplace and Connected Consumer) and the modernization of existing front- and back-office systems empowering a low risk, high impact, digital transformation


  • Only platform that allows you to launch digital services today and modernize front and back office systems at your pace
  • Demonstrable path to a cost effective business model
  • Launch fast, learn fast and scale fast


  • Seamless management of the complex digital ecosystem
  • Federated hub-and-spoke model integrates with internal systems and external partners
  • Functionality essential for optimized customer experiences, catalog, ordering and revenue management
  • Open APIs quickly add new functionality and new components
  • Participate in the digital economy- supports business partnerships for cross-channel personalized commerce

& Trusted

  • SaaS, cloud-based architecture
  • 30+ year history of helping communication service providers monetize customer interactions and transactions
  • Innovator and leader enabling new digital services and providing a clear path how to get there in a stepped, incremental approach
  • Deep understanding of simplifying the complexities of the digital economy
  • Known for delivering on promises, and doing what we say we will do
  • Collaborative, consultative, partner approach
  • The industry’s largest global communications companies are our clients